Friday, December 31, 2010


Friends, we have started the journey again
Walking firmly without fear but gain
knocking years with zeal and curiosity
Honor with dignity and respect

Crossed many rivers with hope
Cutting mad and whirlwind without stop
Developing faith and determination to cope
crimbing moutains, swimming oceans without help

Today its over
starting a new chapter without cloud cover
The sky is clear.
Its not likely to rain soon or stear

I know there might be showers of yesterday
showers that might worry you day after day
Do not let them form dew over your head
Get an umbrella now and take a lead

When you start off tomorrow
crossed this rubcon without sorrow
Do not look back
And say to yourself "I will not go back"

My father will listen to you
He wants to start with you something new
It comes once in twelve months
Its real and not a myth

Find me there tomorrow
Sitwe Benson

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