Thursday, January 27, 2011


The ‘Sitwe Effects’ states that “whenever there is a presence of two admirable people of opposite sex or many admirable people of opposite sex, it’s just natural for them to look at each other with complete sexual intercourse in their minds. This natural attraction forces them to look back at each other and visualize more and more on how they would catharsize”.
The “Sitwe effect” is that feeling that there is something special where I am and I need to behave in a certain way. This control due to such an environment is done for a reason mostly that of attention from those that humbled you and thereby gaining respect and control of yourself.
It is called “Sitwe Effect” because the study was carried out in Sitwe area of Chama District of the eastern province of Zambia in the late 1998 and revitalized in 2010, now in the city specifically from Lusaka and the University of Zambia by a researcher named after the research area Sitwe Benson Mkandawire.
This conclusion was arrived at after a series of studies and observation from similar admirable people. In one of the studies, two participants falsely named Tamala female and Yona male of admirable ages met each other for the first time. They looked at each other completely suggestive and by-passed each other. Tamala and Yona both back at each other to catharsizes and visualize more on each other.
In another study, a man looked back but the Female pretended not to look back immediately probably due to coyness but after she moved away from him, she stopped turned pretending to be answering a phone call.

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