Thursday, March 17, 2011

Senga-Tumbuka Languages Development Committee

Senga-Tumbuka Languages Development Committee
The Senga-Tumbuka Languages Development Committee was established in 2006 and came to fully function in 2007. The committee tasked itself to develop Senga and Tumbuka Languages as they are closely related in their phonetics, phonology, morphology, semantics, syntax, discourse and pragmatics. While the committee is working on communal activities, they have achieved a number of things amongst them include.
1. Figures of speech in Senga and Tumbuka published on soft copy in 2008.
2. Mapinda ya mu Chisenga na Chitumbuka published 2009. Hard copies yet to come out from the publishing house.
3. Chitumbuka – Chisenga grade one buku read for distribution in 2010
4. Translated Google search engine into Senga and Tumbuka in 2011
Currently, they are working on a number of projects both as a committee and as individuals.
Since its establishment, the Senga Tumbuka languages development committee is being chaired by Dr. Rosemary Chirwa and the secretary general is Francis Manda Magiya, the treasurer is Dr Ben Chirwa and others. Within the Senga-Tumbuka languages Development committee, there exist different sub committees which include the research committee, fundraising committee and the writing committee being chaired by Reverent Kandinda. The committee is determined to do whatever it can to develop the two languages above.

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