Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jisunge Educational Programs

Jisunge Educational Programs
Jisunge (Chitumbuka – Chisenga), is a popular education and social concept developed by renowned Zambian pedagogue, educational community worker, theorist and artist Sitwe Benson Mkandaŵile grounded on self-sustainability. Jisunge means sustain yourself, take care of yourself. It focuses on developing an individual to sustain themselves without depending on anyone; have their own home, find their own food and take care of their expenses. Jisunge is the ability to acquire lifelong skills in economic, social, political, and cultural values in order to sustain yourself in the society.
The concept of Jisunge was developed by Sitwe Benson Mkandaŵile primarily in his works with some community workers. In his work with different communities in Africa, Sitwe interacted with many communities helping them gain an awareness of world conditions, their own environment and how to sustain themselves effectively.

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